Would you lose respect for a woman if you found out she was a sugar baby?

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Would you lose respect for a woman if you found out she was a sugar baby?

We have talked about sugar babies on this show before but the reason I want to talk about it tonight is because Europe’s first sugar baby summit took place in London recently with many woman gathering at the event to learn how to attract rich men to spoil them.

The event was hosted by seekingarrangments.com which is a California based site that pairs women looking for luxury gifts and cash with wealthy men often twice their age.

The website allows sugar daddies to seek out so called sugar babies to shower with gifts and cash in return for a pretty face and good company.

The controversial service has been criticised and called a seedy playground for ageing adulterers.  However its spokesperson Angela Bermudo insists that’s not the case and the relationships formed are mutually beneficial.

A survey on the site not so long ago said that 80% of the relationships involve sex.

So do you think these women are demeaning themselves? Or are they just using their heads to get on in life.

Is there any shame in it? At the end of the day all they are doing is giving an old wealthy man a good time. Nobody has to know about it and they can finish their courses and put it in the past.

Or do you think they are completely letting themselves down?

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