Should Rickshaws Be Banned in Ireland?

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Should rickshaws be banned from Irish roads?

Last Tuesday night Niall spoke at some length about racism towards taxi drivers. Well the response to that took us by surprise but it also got lots of taxi drivers contacting us about the battle between Taxi Drivers and the new phenomena of Rickshaw drivers across the country.

Niall was leaving the station last night and 2 taxi drivers waved down my car pleading that we discuss rickshaw drivers on the roads of Ireland. So we did!

It’s clear to see that rickshaws have become a day to day sight on the streets of Ireland’s main cities. Whether it’s tourists or Irish people having the banter – these rickshaw drivers have made an impact on Irish roads.

However everyone does not seem to be happy about this new mode of transport. This is basically an unregulated business except for Galway city. Throughout the country there is no license for these drivers, no driving test and no requirement of road insurance.

As for paying tax on their income – well how do you pay tax when it’s an industry unregulated. Also they say “Trips for Tips” which technically is not earning a wage. How many stories have we seen in the papers of road accidents caused by these rickshaws? One of the more recent ones was following the Justin Beiber concert. I’m sure many of you have had or seen good and bad rickshaw driving.

However is it fair that all this bad press is thrown at the rickshaws? The ‘Kings of Leon’ are playing the 3Arena tonight in Dublin and there will be hundreds of laughing customers sitting in the back of rickshaws happy to pay anything from a €40 Euro fare up to O’Connell Street and Grafton Street.

Taxi drivers have competition on their hands and they’re feeling the pinch. Are they right to be upset at this unregulated industry hitting their livelihoods? Do they need to get creative and come up with ways to beat the competition. Some will say it’s just a battle of economics – horse and carriages lost out to the steam train that in turn lost out to airplanes – or is it more than that? Taxi drivers will say that it is only a matter of time before there is a death on the roads as a result of rickshaws.

So we spoke to Taxi and Ricklshaw drivers and one woman who had a serious accident while on a rickshaw. This show had it all!

Should rickshaws be banned from Irish roads?

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