Is there ever an excuse to commit crime?

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I want to know if you think there is ever an excuse to commit crime.

I want to ask you that because of a story I spotted in the paper today about a man who has received a four and a half year sentence for carrying out an armed robbery.

It’s reported that he threatened to chop a customer’s head off and he had a balaclava, an air pistol and a hatchet with him.

The very interesting part of this case is that the man apologised for his actions said that he had to do it. He explained that he had a drug debt and would be killed if he didn’t get the money.

It’s reported that the judge said that he had been ‘motivated by fear’ but he was still handed a big enough sentence.


So should someone’s circumstance be considered when it comes to sentencing? I’m talking about people with drug debts, people who are finding it hard to support their families and so on. There are many people who will take a hard line on this. They’ll say do the crime do the time.

Others will have more sympathy and understand that sometimes people are forced in to committing a crime.

So… there ever an excuse for crime?

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