ADULT WARNING : Would you be disappointed if you found out your son or daughter was a sex worker?

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***Adult Warning – Strictly Over 18’s***

How would you react if you found out your daughter was an escort?

Niall received an email from a listener who happens to be an escort.

She won’t come on the show because she doesn’t want to be recognised but have a listen to the topic she wants raised.

Hi Niall, I’m wondering if you could discuss something for me on your show. I work as an escort part-time and I also have a legitimate job.

Both pay very well. Contrary to what a lot of people think, it isn’t a seedy activity where I’m having sex with creepy men.

I have clients from all walks of life. I have clients who are couples and many are very attractive and I enjoy having sex with them. I’m very level-headed and I don’t have ”mental issues”, I know what I’m doing and I’m doing it for myself.

A common misconception is that most men who use the services of escorts are strange deviants. This isn’t the case, all of my clients are genuine people, not wanting to sound cruel though, but many of them simply wouldn’t attract a good looking woman in ‘real-life’, so this is why they avail of the service I provide.

They’re nice people and I see this as a job, I’m a professional providing client with an experience. Saying this though, I know that I could never tell my family about this, for they would disown me. I couldn’t tell friends either as that would be social suicide.

I want you to ask your listeners the following; if you found out that your daughter/ mother/ friend/ girlfriend was working or used to work as an escort, how, would you react?

 Would you accept it as part of their emotional baggage(which we all have) or would you judge them?

And if you would judge them, why? Do you find the thought of them being independent and sexually confident intimidating? Please discuss. Thank you

What do you think of this woman’s email? Would you judge a woman if you found out she was an escort?

Do you think there is something wrong with it as a profession?

Would you be disappointed if you found out your son or daughter was a sex worker?

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