Do you support a group opening up empty houses for homeless families?

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Do you support a group opening up empty houses for homeless families?

Well a new Facebook group is doing just that. They are going around to all empty houses in the country and opening them and giving them to families to live in.

Let me be clear that this is not being done by councils or the people who actually own the properties. It is being done by a group of concerned citizens who believe they have the solution to the housing crisis by giving empty houses to families.

According to the Facebook page they have already houses some homeless people including a family with three children.

This was posted on Facebook, have a listen:

It says: As many people might have seen today there is a new page set up ” Open up all empty houses “. Already there have been two good solid houses opened to home homeless families. We’re looking for like minded people and groups to get involved and help. If anyone knows of any suitable properties Nama, Bank owned or Council please contact the page. Can pm the page in strictest confidence of any families living in cars, tents hostels etc that need immediate accommodation !

This Government has failed the people ! This Government has allowed the homeless and housing crisis to happen while doing absolutely nothing to resolve this . Too many people have died so far ! It’s now time for people to stand up and fight back. Please like and share this page. If one woman can open up two Nama houses can you imagine as a Country what we can do! #HomesForTheHomeless.

So do you support this type of action? Or do you think it is wrong as they are trespassing on properties.

This is similar to Apollo house last year whereby concerned citizxens decided to take over an unused building and house homeless people in it.

At the time many people said this was a fantastic action and that finally people were doing something to help others.

However, there were also those who didn’t agree with it and believe we cannot just go around taking properties that don’t to us.

We have gone out to the group for comment but have not heard anything back as of yet.

Niall spoak to Cllr John Lyons about his opinion on the issue.

Do you support the action that this group have allegedly taken?

Remember you can find more stories on the Niall Boylan Facebook and Twitter pages and remember 

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