When a couple divorce, should the woman give back the engagement ring to her ex partner?

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A rather heated debate that broke out in the office. It was almost fisty-cuffs as people were divided in their opinion.


Marriage! When it breaks down and the unfortunate situation of divorce comes to pass, it leads to many settlements as couples divide all their possessions. Who gets the home, who gets the car all the way down to who gets the Goldfish? But one thing that divided the team was the ENGAGEMENT RING!


An engagement ring – besides your children – is possibly the most significant item that people associate with their marriage. The ring is a reminder of when both partners were madly in love and felt they could take on the world and win. A man couldn’t ask for a woman’s hand in marriage unless he had a diamond that could be seen from SPACE!


The engagement ring was a sign that you had made a commitment and intended to spend the rest of your life with that ‘one true love’ – then LIFE kicked in and slapped you across the face.

Kids, mortgage or just life in general make you fall out of love with that person. For some people it may become an abusive relationship that you want to run a million miles from. So you get divorced and in a lot of cases you have no emotional affection to that person ever again. So why on earth would you want to keep an engagement ring that reminds you of a person who you no longer love – and in some cases despise?


Imagine – you look down at your hand everyday and you see that ring shining back at you and all you can think of is not being in love with him or her. Why would you want to keep that reminder on your hand for all to see?


Now some will say – “Oh I got it melted down and made earrings out of it”. It still doesn’t get away from the fact that it came from a ring from a person who you don’t love anymore.


Some in the office said that the ring is a reminder of the relationship and the SPECIAL MOMENTS that you once had with your ex partner and that you should keep the ring out of respect for what you both had.


Who is right? Is it right that the woman should keep the engagement right after the collapse of a marriage or should the man get to keep the ring as he more than likely spent thousands of Euro on the ring.

When a couple divorce, should the woman give back the engagement ring to her ex partner?

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