Niall can be described as fearless, controversial, insightful, compassionate and even funny! But be warned, he may cause your blood to boil. Niall Boylan@Night is the new home of late night talk for Ireland. Every weekday Niall provides Classic Hits 4FM listeners with breakthrough stories from real people with real lives. It’s a show without boundaries and Niall is never afraid to deal with topics that other shows simply refuse to talk about.

The Niall Boylan Show is a multi award winning talk show which broadcasts daily from 1pm and the conversation continues at 9pm on Classic Hits 4FM

This is a personal page for The Niall Boylan Show. The views or opinions expressed on this page do not represent the views of Classic Hits 4FM.



Follow Niall on Twitter: @NiallBoylan4FM

Email: NiallBoylan@ClassicHits.ie


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