Would you support animal testing if it improved human life?

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Would you support animal testing if it improved human life?

It has been revealed that more than 100,000 live animals have been used for biomedical research by Trinity College Dublin.

Rats, mice, pigs and rabbits have been used in biomedical research at Trinity since 2012

Last year 24,990 were bought by the university for use in experiments at a cost of €310,000, with a further €10,000 spent disposing of the carcasses.

The current regulation around animal testing in Ireland is that the use of animals for scientific purposes is permitted only in cases where there is no alternative method of experimentation.

The number of animals used for research at TCD during 2016 increased almost four-fold compared to the previous year – drawing criticism from animal rights activists.

Yvonne Smalley, chairperson of the Irish Anti-vivisection Society accused the University of having a ‘gung ho’ approach to animal suffering and called for stricter regulation.

According to a spokesperson for Trinity College, animal studies are conducted at the college only when they will contribute to the advancement of knowledge that is likely to lead to the improvement of the health and welfare of animals and human beings.

Today I want to know what you think of animal testing – is it necessary or cruel?

Do you care that animals are being scientifically tested on if it can safe or even improve the life of a human being?

Animal testing is being done worldwide to improve drugs for diseases and for cosmetics.

Cosmetic animal testing doesn’t happen as much anymore after years of protests.

But animals are often tested for drugs to fight disease.

We are talking about research for cancers or motor neuron disease. They are pretty horrific diseases and conditions so would you really care if an animal was tested?

Maybe you think it is cruel and that in 2017 there should be another way to test medications instead of hurting or killing innocent animals.

So do you support animal testing if it can improve human life?

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How much should men spend on an engagement ring?

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How much should men spend on an engagement ring?

I want to ask you this today because of a story that has gone viral today.

One woman has sparked a debate when she revealed that she was disappointed with the €1,400 engagement ring that her high earning fiancé bought for her, leading to accusations of greed and ungratefulness on her part by members of an online forum..

The woman wrote “His salary is nearing a six figure sum and he’s usually very generous,”

She went on to explain that she would have expected him to splash out a little more on such an important piece of jewellery.

The response however, was far less comforting than she might have hoped, with people expressing shock and horror at the bride-to-be’s reaction to the ring’s price tag.

One person said “Blimey. I’d have been delighted; talk about being ungrateful,

Another person said “1400 quid is a lot of money to most people no matter what he earns and you sound like the worst person imaginable. I hope he dumps you,”

Others however were quick to offer their support, understanding why she’d expect her high-earning fiancé to splash out a little more on such a significant ring.

One wrote “I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to be absolutely head over heels in love with a ring you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life

The woman explained how in an ideal scenario, she and her fiancé would have chosen a ring together.

Today I want to ask you what you think of this debate.

The old wives tail is that a man should spend 3 months wages on an engagement ring.

Women of Ireland – would you be insulted if a man proposed to you with a ring less than €1000?

Is this woman who sparked the debate being ungrateful and mean?

Or can you understand why she is upset with the cost of the ring? Is her fiancé the mean one?

I want to know what you think of this –

Is this woman being ungrateful?

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Should there be a domestic abuse register?

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Should there be a domestic abuse register?

Well that is something they are looking at introducing in London.

A focus group are looking at the possibility of creating a national register of people who have been accused and convicted of domestic abuse.

The committee believe they need to send a clear message to anyone committing domestic abuse that the police have them on their radar.

It would be similar to the sex offenders register and those convicted of domestic abuse would be on a register. Would you agree with such a tough measure?

The figures of domestic abuse in Ireland are startling. For 2016 there were just fewer than 6 thousand cases of domestic violence reported to authorities.

There are no plans for such a register in Ireland although there have been calls in the past when Clare’s Law was introduced in Ireland.

Today I want to know if you think it would be a good idea.

Could this be a deterrent with the threat of being named and shamed on a national register?

I want you to have a listen to a comment I spotted:

I think this is a positive step forward in tackling domestic abuse but it does not go far enough. When a person is convicted they have already done the damage. What about someone who has been accused and is a danger in a new relationship. The register should also have the names of those accused of domestic abuse or have complaints made against them in order to protect a potential new partner.

What do you think of that comment – would you agree with them?

Should people who have not yet been convicted or have been accused of domestic abuse also be put on such a register?

People could then check a new partner if they suspect they could be a danger?

Or maybe you think a person can change their ways and having them publicly named and shamed is unfair.

I want to know what you think.

So Do you think there should be a public name and shame register for domestic violence?

Classic Hits 4FM supporting Cosc #whatwouldyoudo campaign

Remember, if you suspect someone is being abused – before you get involved, ask yourself if it’s safe and legal to intervene. If the situation is already violent or looks like it’s escalating quickly, do not directly intervene. Call the Gardaí on 999.

The only effective bystander intervention is a non-violent one. If you see or suspect domestic abuse in your area visit whatwouldyoudo.ie or call 999.

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Do you think members of the defence forces should be paid more money?

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Do you think members of the defence forces should be paid more money?

An Irish soldier, his wife, and their four children are currently homeless as they struggle to make ends meet – despite his 17 years with the Defence Forces, and her part-time job.

The family, who wish to remain anonymous, includes four children aged 11 and under, one of whom has a rare genetic disorder which results in a range of physical problems.

The defence forces corporal said he is heartbroken and trying to wear a brave face every day but is worried sick.

He said he works damn hard and his family don’t deserve to be homeless.  He is due to travel abroad on a mission with a UN peacekeeping force in the near future.

The family’s plight was highlighted in a statement from the Wives & Partners of the Defence Forces (WPDF) group.

WPDF has previously protested about pay and conditions in the Defence Forces, saying the families of many lower paid members are so financially stretched that they are using social welfare financial supports to make ends meet.

The mother in this situation said the pay in the Defence Forces is ‘dreadful’ and added that her husband has been subject to pay cuts.

Since cuts in 2009, basic pay for a private in the Defence Forces starts at €352 a week and rises after eight years’ service to a total package of €670 a week. They qualify for the HAP scheme but said they cannot find a landlord to accept it. The family, from Co Kildare, were recently informed by their landlord that he was selling the house.

Concerns have been raised over drop-off in Defence Forces numbers. The Defence Forces has an approved establishment strength of 9,500.

However despite a significant recruitment campaign during 2016, there are fewer members now then there were at the end of 2015. The reason for the drop off is the pay and conditions.

Do you think the defence forces deserve a pay increase? Or do you believe our force is pointless and paying more would just be a burden on the country.

Should members of the defence forces be paid better?

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TRUE STORIES : One man’s heartbreaking story of being abandoned at the age of 2

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A caller today told Niall of how he was abandoned on the doorstep of a children’s home at the age of 2. The heartbreaking story of what happened when he eventually found his mother and family you will not believe.

This is a must listen to podcast.

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Should children be taken off their drug addicted parents?

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Do you think the first step for any addicted parent should be for them to completely lose custody of their children? Or would you be against that idea?

There are many children out there right now who are at home with parents who are not capable of looking after them properly because of drug addictions. Should these children be taken off their parents and put in better homes?

We hear countless times in the courts how a young lad has gone down a bad road because of a bad upbringing yet society doesn’t take the kids out of the situation they grow up in to prevent it.

Some people will argue that taking children away from their parents who they love unconditionally regardless of their faults would actually be damaging to them.

Should children be taken away from parents who have drug addiction problems?

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