Should people on housing lists be made to take vacant rural properties?

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Relocating people who can’t find a house in Dublin to the rural countryside could be one of the potential solutions to the ever increasing housing crisis.

Independent TD for Clare Dr Michael Harty, is working on a plan which will seek to encourage people who are on the social housing list or receiving the HAP allowance to move to a rural town and village.

It’s being reported that Housing Minister Minister Eoghan Murphy told local authorities that the ‘Rural Population Rejuvenation Programme’ could be a workable solution to reduce housing lists.

This proposal is based on families entertaining the idea of leaving their city centre temporary accommodation. IS THAT RIGHT?

Many on social media felt that people on waiting lists should not have the choice in the situation if they are desperate for a home.

One person wrote “There are so many people refusing to take properties on Housing Waiting Lists. They want to hold on for a prime location site close to their families and friends and sponge off the state – Single mothers are the worst!”

It was those final few words ‘Single Mothers are the worst’ that riled up many. People rightly pointed out that there are a considerable number of single unemployed mothers on the housing lists in Dublin and many Irish cities. They’ve been unemployed for several years and now with children, the likelihood of them gaining or seeking employment remains low.

Would it not make sense to make these unemployed single mothers move to vacant rural accommodation or is that victimisation?

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Is it emotional abuse to deny your partner sex?

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Emotional abuse in a relationship can come in many forms. From insults to the silent treatment it can all takes it toll. However we saw an interesting article about a debate that has been taking place in parts of South East Asia and it really got us talking here in the office.

We’ve all had arguments with our partners and it has either ended up with shouting matches or the cold shoulder. Sometimes you banned to the spar room or the sofa for a night. Of course any intimacy is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

But what happens if the arguments are finished and your partner lets you back into the bedroom BUT they refuse to have sex with you?

I can hear the giggles and the laddish comments from some of you listening but I want you to seriously think about this. What if one partner is intentionally refusing to have sex with you as punishment for an argument or out of pure bitterness towards you?

Or let me give you another scenario where your partner asks you to do something for them and sex is the pay off for you complying.

In both instances sex is being used as a tool to either reward or punish the other partner. I know that this happens to many people all over the country. I wonder if people will be brave enough to admit that they have experienced this or if they have inflicted this behaviour on their partner.

Look – if you’re in a relationship – married or committed – sex is one of the key elements of that partnership. It’s the most intimate thing that two people can do together.

So if you deny your partner sex, are you trying to control their emotions and the relationship? I just want people to be honest tonight.

If your partner denies you sex is that a form of emotional abuse?

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Should the Mandatory Retirement Age should be scrapped?

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There was an interesting article in the Journal today and the headline grabbed our intention

“Ageism at work: ‘42% of employers believe there’s an upper age limit for customer facing roles’

The article was written by Justin Moran from Age Action Ireland. We’re going to be speaking to Justin shortly but in essence he is asking “how we can support older unemployed workers to get back into the workforce?

Is the answer to the issue “Abolishing mandatory retirement?” – Well we will ask Justin Moran that shortly.

There are many people who will say that companies that use more mature people in their workforce have staff that are totally invested in their work and show that with age comes experience and ultimately great service from many people who could be affected by mandatory retirement?

As it stands the retirement age in Ireland is 67 and the government is looking to raise this to 68 over the next 10 years. I know many people who do not want to retire at 67 and have plenty to offer the workforce.

Alternatively people say that as one gets older your productivity decreases. How can a 70 year old person work as quickly as an 18 year old?

Should the Mandatory Retirement Age should be scrapped?

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Will the banning of Alcohol Advertising in Ireland reduce alcoholism?

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The Public Health Alcohol Bill is now a priority and could be finalised before the Dail shortly.

The Bill proposes to ban the advertising of alcohol in main stream media. This will see such iconic TV moments like the Guinness Christmas advert or the Budweiser Christmas Horses gone from our screens and what will we now call ‘The Heineken Cup’?

Will the banning of alcohol advertisement actually reduce people becoming alcoholics?  Many sporting events across the world are sponsored by alcohol products. There is the Heineken Rugby Cup and the Guinness Pro 12’s Tournament that I can think off the top of my head.

Critics say the Bill say that jobs in the Advertising industry will be hit severely by this ban. It is estimated that €20 million worth or revenue will be lost on a yearly basis.

Ireland looks set to become one of the most restrictive countries in the world for marketing alcohol. Patricia Callan, of the Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland, said: “The Bill will make it extremely difficult for all drinks companies to advertise their products. Small producers with less brand awareness will also struggle, which will hit the drinks industries innovation, export and growth potential”.

The Bill will seek to ban images of “conviviality”, such as scenes in a pub, and restrict drinks firms from advertising in parks and on public transport and within 200m of school grounds.

Look we have always had drinks sponsors of events and yes they do create revenue for the country and firms. If someone is going to become addicted to alcohol then there is no concrete evidence that their decision is due to seeing a sporting event sponsored by a brewery. Countries that have banned alcohol advertising like France, Sri Lanka, Norway and Russia have not seen a corresponding drop in cases of alcoholism.

Will the banning of Alcohol Advertising in Ireland reduce alcoholism?

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Would you support abolishing the Medical Card in favour of a universal charge of 10 Euro a week for full medical care?

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We’re talking about the medical system in Ireland. Yes it is a mess and there is no getting away from it. But what should we do?


Look we have unemployed people who have medical cards and they are using them A LOT according to the yearly figures released by the Department of health.


But we have a middle class population in the country who are struggling to make ends meet. With rents and the cost of living increasing many families find it virtually impossible to visit the Doctor. A doctor’s visit can range anything above 60 Euro or more – which many people can’t afford.


Then we have the more affluent communities who have private medical insurance and can avail of Doctors and Specialists appointments a lot more easily and frequently.


In short we have a tiered medical system that does not provide cover to all people across the country.


With Leo Veradkar talking about USC and Tax Rates in the upcoming budget, should they look at a radical proposal to fix our floundering medical system once and for all?


Some people in the office said that the Medical Card should be gotten rid of and everyone in the country should be made to pay a weekly charge of let’s say 10 or 15 euro a week.


So if you are on the Dole then it would come out of your weekly welfare payment. If you are working then it would come out of your salary in the form of a general tax.


This would generate much needed funds for the health system and would ensure that ALL people would have access to medical coverage including the unemployed and the struggling middle class.


Would you be in favour of this? This would help all people get the health care they need. Or is this just another tax for all to pay?


Would you support abolishing the Medical Card in favour of a universal charge of 10 Euro a week for full medical care?

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When a couple divorce, should the woman give back the engagement ring to her ex partner?

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A rather heated debate that broke out in the office. It was almost fisty-cuffs as people were divided in their opinion.


Marriage! When it breaks down and the unfortunate situation of divorce comes to pass, it leads to many settlements as couples divide all their possessions. Who gets the home, who gets the car all the way down to who gets the Goldfish? But one thing that divided the team was the ENGAGEMENT RING!


An engagement ring – besides your children – is possibly the most significant item that people associate with their marriage. The ring is a reminder of when both partners were madly in love and felt they could take on the world and win. A man couldn’t ask for a woman’s hand in marriage unless he had a diamond that could be seen from SPACE!


The engagement ring was a sign that you had made a commitment and intended to spend the rest of your life with that ‘one true love’ – then LIFE kicked in and slapped you across the face.

Kids, mortgage or just life in general make you fall out of love with that person. For some people it may become an abusive relationship that you want to run a million miles from. So you get divorced and in a lot of cases you have no emotional affection to that person ever again. So why on earth would you want to keep an engagement ring that reminds you of a person who you no longer love – and in some cases despise?


Imagine – you look down at your hand everyday and you see that ring shining back at you and all you can think of is not being in love with him or her. Why would you want to keep that reminder on your hand for all to see?


Now some will say – “Oh I got it melted down and made earrings out of it”. It still doesn’t get away from the fact that it came from a ring from a person who you don’t love anymore.


Some in the office said that the ring is a reminder of the relationship and the SPECIAL MOMENTS that you once had with your ex partner and that you should keep the ring out of respect for what you both had.


Who is right? Is it right that the woman should keep the engagement right after the collapse of a marriage or should the man get to keep the ring as he more than likely spent thousands of Euro on the ring.

When a couple divorce, should the woman give back the engagement ring to her ex partner?

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Should a parent be prosecuted for the criminal actions of their underage children?

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Do you think the parents of children who commit anti social behaviour should be punished?

I want to ask you that today because a land mark case in the UK has taken this issue to a whole new level.

It has been revealed that a parent has been prosecuted for not stopping her child committing anti-social behaviour. The parent appeared at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court on Monday for three breaches of a community protection notice and was fined £280 for her child’s misdemeanours.

And today I want to know if you think similar punishment should happen here.

The police in the UK said that the Mother was prosecuted as a last resort following countless attempts to rehabilitate her son. A post on the local Police Facebook page said: “We have been trying to assist the parent in engaging the necessary support services to help, however, in the end we have had to take this action to make them accountable.”


Looking at the on-line comments, many people said that it was about time that parents were held accountable for the actions of their children.

On the other hand, many people are outraged that a parent should be punished like this. One person online said for example – “parenting is not easy and sometimes it’s very difficult to control an unruly child. This is so unfair”!


There’s no doubt that we do have a big anti social behaviour problem in this country particularly in the large cities. There are no go areas for Gardai and a lot of teens simply don’t respect the Guards.

There are kids out on the street til all hours and you’d have to wonder where the parents are!

So is it fair to punish the parents rather than the kids?

Should they be held accountable for their children’s actions?


Others as I’ve mentioned will say that you can try and control your child and keep them in line but some will always be wild.

We all know that one kidwho just can’t be controlled. Should it therefore be the parent who is prosecuted?

So where does the blame and responsibility lie for children who are anti social behaviour offenders?

Should a parent be prosecuted for the criminal actions of their underage children?

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Should a man get the snip reversed for a new partner?

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Should a man get the snip reversed for a new partner?

Niall received an email from a listener


Hi Niall,

Can you talk about my dilemma on your show for me?

I am just going to jump straight into it. I starting dating an older guy about 6 months ago and to be honest, I fell head over heels for him. We got pretty serious in a short amount of time. I can honestly say I love him and he told me he loves me too. He is in his late 40s and I am in my 30s – so there is a big enough age difference.

One night we were in bed and things started to happen when I realised we didn’t have any contraception. I said it to him and he told me something that shocked me.

He said he had the snip and that we didn’t have to worry about that. As you can imagine the flame went out pretty quickly that night as I realised this man did not want children.

We went to sleep and the next morning we talked about it. I told him that I have always wanted children and was waiting for the right man – which I thought was him. He said he has a child already from a previous long term relationship and that he doesn’t want to have anymore.

I was and still am devastated by this. I can’t explain how much I have fallen for this man and at the risk of sounding like something from a fairytale – I thought he was the one.

Now I don’t know what to do. I asked him would he ever consider having it reversed if our relationship got to that serious level. He said he has never given it much thought but doubts it would be something he would want to do as he has made up his mind.

I got angry when he said that because I thought – how selfish can he be that he wouldn’t even consider my feelings on this?

Am I wrong? I know we are only dating a short time but every relationship starts from somewhere and until now I thought we were going somewhere. Am I wrong to ask him to get it reversed? I want to continue dating him but this is a bit of a deal breaker for me as I have always wanted children.

Please talk about this on your show.

What do you think of this woman’s dilemma? Do you think she is wrong to ask her partner to have his vasectomy reversed?

Although not always successful, vasectomies can be reversed. Should this man have his reversed for his girlfriend?

Or is that girlfriend being unreasonable?

Men – have you ever had the snip? What are your thoughts on it – have you regretted it or was it the best decision you made?

Ladies – would you date a man if you knew he didn’t want children?

So back to the dilemma – is this woman wrong to want her partner to get the snip reversed?

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Do you think bad areas deserve the reputation that they have?

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Do you think bad areas deserve the reputation that they have?

If you type into Google, ‘areas to avoid in Dublin’, a website will pop up by a person that was clearly house hunting in the past and decided to make a website about it.

On this website it has three lists. They are ideal area, ok areas and not suggested areas to live in.

Some people on social media have taken exception to the website and believe it’s wrong to label an area as a place to avoid when buying a house. One person said about the website:

This is disgraceful. I am absolutely fuming. How dare they put Finglas South in as an area to avoid? I am from the area and you will not get nicer people. We have the best community spirit. Every area has a level of anti-social behaviour because guess what! We are all human! I hate that some people think they are better than others and go on stigmatising certain places because they may not be as well off as others. Disgraceful!


Some of the areas in the areas to avoid on the website are:

Finglas South
Rialto (especially around St. James hospital)
The Coombe
Cathal Brughal St. (and the area around it)
East Wall

There are so-called bad areas all around the country. People in Cork will say that southhill, Moyross, Blackrock, Knocknaheney and other areas.

Do these areas deserve the bad reputation they have?

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